Where do we deliver?
We deliver to all suburbs on the Central Coast. We also service other areas such as Lower Mangrove, Glenworth Valley, Spencer, Berowra although additional delivery fees may apply for suburbs outside Gosford and Wyong Shire Councils.

Are there weight restrictions?
Some companies out there will weigh the waste you place in a skip and charge you per weight.  Luckily for you, we offer flat fees for the majority of our skip categories so you know what you’re paying straight up!  We only specify that the waste needs to be below or level with the rim of the bin in accordance with NSW Road safety regulations.

Are there any additional fees?
The rate you are given upon booking is the total price for hire, delivery, pick up and tipping.
The only time you will be charged additional fees is by overfilling the skip, having items in the skip that are not allowed  (a detailed description of this can be found below and on your invoice/receipt) or for an extension of hire.
If you book a skip for “Special Waste” such as soil/fill, synthetic grass, palm tree trunks or asbestos tipping fees will apply in addition to the skip hire fee, please contact our office for more information.

How can I pay for the skip?
We accept Cash on delivery of the skip or Credit Card payments over the phone.

How long is the hire period and what if I need it longer?
Our standard hire period is for 14 days. If you need it longer please tell us at the time of your booking or call us before the scheduled pick up to arrange an extension & weekly rental charges may apply.

Explanation of the different skip bin price categories:

General Waste (With or Without Masonry): mixed materials such as general household furniture or building waste (Gyprock, timber, plastics etc.) Masonry (bricks, concrete, sandstone, pavers, cement, sand) No soil, asbestos or wall and floor tile with glue or board attached mixed into the skip.

General Waste (Bathroom Renovation): mixed materials such as general household furniture or building waste (Gyprock, timber, plastics etc.) including Masonry (bricks, concrete, sandstone, pavers, cement, sand and wall and floor tiles with glue and board attached, etc.) No soil or asbestos mixed into the skip.

Green Waste: No treated timber just green branches, leaves etc. same as what can go into your green council bin.

Masonry ONLY (Brick/Concrete/tile): Can be a mix of CLEAN; Brick, concrete, tiles and roof tiles but cannot contain any other materials including soil.

Soil / Fill ONLY: We can only accept certified non-contaminated soil only if you have not had testing done on the soil, an EPA VENM certification statement will need to be filled in by the hirer and sent to us prior to receiving the skip. For any Soil/Fill skips, you will be charged a flat hire rate for the skip and our services and the tipping fees in additional to this. Depending on which shire the materials are coming from, the fees could be from $450 Per Tonne, subject to the landfill’s classification of the soil.

What can’t go into the skip? What isn’t classified as general waste?
Soil/Fill, liquids or food waste of any kind, no palm tree trunks, Tree stumps greater than 30cm in diameter and obviously no asbestos or any other dangerous/hazardous materials.
Just like at the tip; Gas Bottles, Tyres, mattresses are not included under “General Waste” and incur a fee of $15 per item. You will need to pre-book these items in the skip when ordering with our office.
Palm tree Trunks, synthetic grass and asbestos are permitted but only by prior arrangement and additional fees do apply. These materials need to be arranged prior as special regulations and packing procedures need to be followed.

How high can I fill the skip?
To ensure the safety of everyone on our roads, we comply with the NSW Road safety rules that stipulate the contents of the skip must be below or level with the rim. If it’s looking like you have under ordered, call us and we can discuss skip change over options.  Overfilled skips will not be collected and additional fees may apply.

What if my bin is filled above the rim?
If waste is above the rim of the bin our driver will not collect the bin. You will be asked to remove any excess waste and additional fees and charges will also apply.

Can you deliver/pick up my skip when I am not home?
Yes, once your details have been confirmed and payment is processed, our drivers will deliver and collect your skips in accordance with your instructions so you do not need to be at the site upon delivery or pickup unless it is behind locked gates. 

What if I want my skip placed in a particular place?
If you would like your skip placed in a particular spot please give us details upon booking. Your instructions will then be attached to the delivery job for the driver to place the skip where you requested.

How big are your delivery trucks?
We have a range of different size trucks, if you have a particularly narrow/steep drive or entrance to the property please let our staff know when making a booking so we can send the best truck for your job. 

What if I have a narrow or steep driveway?
Please mention this to our staff upon booking.

Can the skip be put on the side of the Road or on the Council grass and do I need a permit?
Wyong Shire Council –
Yes,  skips are able to be placed on the side of the road providing they are not obstructing traffic. Wyong Council does not require a permit for a skip to be placed on the road reserve for a short period of time (i.e. several days) so long as it has clear reflectors on it
Gosford City Council-
Yes, skips are able to be placed on the side of the road providing they are not obstructing traffic. Gosford City Council does require a permit (road occupancy licence), usually, this application is required to be submitted one week in advance. We have these forms readily available to email through to you to speed up the process please let us know upon booking should you require this application.

Do we do same day deliveries?
Yes, we always endeavour to do same day deliveries whenever possible however in some circumstances and depending on the time you call this is not always possible. 

Do you deliver/pick up Saturdays?
Yes, we do deliver Saturdays, however, we only operate 7am to 12 (midday).

Do you operate on Sundays & Public holidays?
No, we are closed on Sundays & Public holidays 

What happens if I want to cancel a booking I have made?
We require 24-hour notice to cancel an order; if we do not receive the notice required 50% of the order will be charged.

How do I stop my neighbours filling my skip bin without my consent?
We suggest having the skip onsite for minimal time and avoid having it sit there before it is needed. Also, try tying a tarp over the skip at night which also can help deter neighbours from throwing materials in the skip

For any other questions please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly office staff on 02 4368 2288 or email info@rcbins.com.au